Congratulations to This Year’s Employee Award Recipients

At GVEC we care for our employees, and every year we make sure they feel appreciated by hosting our annual Employee Appreciation Night! A big part of the night is announcing three major awards: Monroe Schauer Employee of the Year Award, General Manager’s Award and Safety of Excellence Award. Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s awards!

Monroe Schauer Employee of the Year Award

The 2021 Employee of the Year Award is chosen by GVEC employees. Nominations are submitted then a committee of employees is formed to pick the final recipient. This year’s recipient is Susan Wilson!
Susan Wilson was hired on October 6, 1982, as an Office Clerk. Since then, she has held the positions of Accounts Payable Clerk, Administrative Secretary, Management Secretary and Administrative Assistant. The past few years, Susan stepped way out of her normal responsibilities altogether to mentor and train our new custodians. She also spent countless hours ensuring everyone had hand sanitizer, thermometers, masks, whatever was needed during the onset of Covid-19.
Susan has been a tremendous force behind the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association. She’s always in the background serving others and doing countless things that go unnoticed. She’s a worship leader at her church and an amazing wife, mother and “nana” to her grandkids.
In her nomination, one fellow employee wrote about how she always has the best interest of others in mind. She offers help above and beyond for members and fellow employees, it doesn’t matter how much she has going on, she will stop to help someone else and then work through lunch or stay late to meet her own deadlines. She’s also been described as the most caring, loving and loyal employee of GVEC. She has amazing people skills, a tremendous work ethic, a high regard for professionalism and are never without a smile.
We want to thank Susan for her commitment and great attitude, not only here at GVEC, but in the communities we serve.

General Manger’s Award

General Manager and CEO Darren Schauer picks one employee every year to receive the General Manager’s Award. This year it went to Ben Lapp!
Ben graduated from Cuero High School and from the University of Texas, San Antonio, with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.
He was hired on October 29, 2012, as a Helper on the Line Crew in Cuero and earned his way through the apprentice program, becoming a Second Year Apprentice Lineman. In 2014, he decided to transfer to the Control Center. Today, Ben is an Operator III—a good fit for someone with a law enforcement background and with some line experience.
Ben is married with two children. When he’s not at work, he can be found outdoors – hunting or camping – and tending to his family.
He was the recipient of the 2019 Monroe Schauer Employee of the Year award. Way to go Ben!

Safety of Excellence Award

GVEC’s internal Safety Committee nominates and chooses the recipient of the Safety Excellence Award.  This year’s Safety of Excellence Award went to Jason Hesskew!
Jason graduated from Seguin High School. He was hired on March 6, 2017, as an Appliance Installer for Home Services and quickly promoted to Appliance Technician. Jason transferred to the Internet department as a Wireless Installer at the end of 2017. Today he’s an Internet Services Tech I.
In his nomination it was said that every morning he goes above and beyond to check all the lights on the trucks and do a 360 inspection. He’s always informing the right people of faulty equipment could become unsafe or needs replacing. He’s a model to everyone to properly wear their PPE and complete their tasks safely. He strives to lift everyone up and encourage safe and high-quality work practices. He was described as truly living up to the definition of being “your brother’s keeper.”
A big thank you to Jason for living safely and encouraging others to do so as well!

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