Do you have spotty Wi-Fi coverage in your home? Maybe there’s a bedroom that receives a weaker signal than the rest of the house. Or maybe the family room TV streams shows with no issues, but when you try to watch in the den, you experience buffering. Setting up a mesh network in your home may be the solution!

Mesh Networks

Router location, thick, solid or multiple walls, and distance are examples of obstacles that can obstruct the Wi-Fi signal in your home while traveling from your router to other rooms. We understand being limited to rooms in where the signal is strongest can be frustrating and inconvenient. Luckily, there’s a solution to end connectivity confinement in your home—mesh networks.
Mesh networks operate much as the name implies. They create a network from your router to separate pods strategically placed in your home. Each pod acts as its own mini-router, with the capacity to receive the primary router’s incoming home Wi-Fi signal, process it and retransmit it into low-coverage areas.

GVEC Internet Solutions

If you’ve been struggling with patchy internet signal in areas of your home, GVEC’s Home Wi-Fi Optimization may be the solution. Our mesh networks can deliver seamless coverage and signal strength throughout your entire home—sometimes even extending to your front or backyard.
GVEC can customize an affordable mesh network that’s suitable for your home coverage specifications. Instead of purchasing a system that can cost hundreds of dollars and consist of more equipment than you actually need, renting mesh network equipment from GVEC only costs $2 per pod, per month. And, while you can install up to four pods, typical homes only require one or two to meet their needs.

Let Us Help You Get Mesh-y in Your Home!

If mesh networks sound like the perfect solution to Wi-Fi weakness in areas of your home, or if you’d like to know more about Home Wi-Fi Optimization from GVEC, call us today at 866.675.9296. Our customer service representatives will explain the process of choosing and installing the right system for you.

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