Even if your HVAC unit is new or just a few years old, without adequate ductwork, you’re putting undue strain on the system and decreasing its efficiency. This synergy between the AC/heating
unit and the ductwork, combined with numerous customer inquiries in the last few years, recently inspired GVEC to add AC/heating ductwork services this to our portfolio of HVAC solutions we offer our membership.

Delivering More AC/Heating Value to Those We Serve

We’re pleased to announce ductwork services—the newest addition to GVEC’s lineup of AC/heating products and solutions. Over the years, our primary focus has been HVAC units themselves, including sales, installation, and servicing and maintenance. This approach, however, doesn’t consider the system as a whole and the balance between components required to achieve maximum efficiency, longevity and value. With the addition of ductwork services, our aim is to deliver a more comprehensive, more cost-effective HVAC process.

Beginning, Ending and The Passing In Between

The air in your HVAC system, quite literally, begins and ends with the ductwork. Even the most dependable, efficient HVAC unit requires functional ductwork to achieve full heating and cooling potential. Ductwork that’s leaky or constricted in any way causes processed air to be wasted, forcing the system to run longer and more often. This not only increases operating costs but can take a toll on overall longevity and durability. What’s more, despite running longer and more frequently—and costing you more—your home still may not feel as comfortable as desired.

Extreme Operational Pressures

In most South Central Texas residences, ductwork runs through the hottest part of the home—the attic. Given our region’s scorching summers, this means exposure to days and weeks—even months—of nonstop, extreme heat. This can cause severe degradation over time.
GVEC’s fully-licensed HVAC professionals can do a complete inspection of your ductwork. Whether you need a single component replaced or a complete system overhaul, we can get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

Comprehensive AC/Heating Solutions

In the market for a new AC/heating system? In helping you choose the right AC/heating unit, we can do a complete inspection of your ductwork too. If we find problems, we’ll create a complete system estimate that includes both the HVAC unit and any AC/heating ductwork services you may need, including repairs and replacement. And as with any Cooperative AC/heating service estimate, you’re under no obligation and won’t be charged unless you hire us.

Greater Home Comfort with AC/Heating Ductwork Services From GVEC

Now might not seem like a good time to think about summer, but it’s actually the perfect time! Extreme summer heat can make it difficult for GVEC technicians to work in home attics for extended periods of time. Plus, as summer draws closer, more and more homeowners across South Central Texas will be calling GVEC for AC/heating services. Don’t get pushed to the back of line! Call 866.684.2359 today to schedule your AC/heating ductwork services inspection from GVEC!

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