GVEC’s workforce lives and breathes our cooperative mission. I experience this dedication every time I visit with our team across the Cooperative. From the Custodial staff to the Marketing department; from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Engineering, Key Accounts, Line Design, the Control Center and more, I am continually reminded how seriously everyone here takes the commitment to serving others—and to exceeding expectations. Reminders from those we serve that we’re succeeding—that our cooperative values positively impact lives—can be immensely rewarding and serve as motivation to keep striving to improve. A positive word from a customer, a favorable online rating and review, a “thank you” from a Power Up™ recipient, a note from a scholarship winner telling us how we’ve improved their life—everyday reminders like these keep us getting out of bed each morning and looking forward to a new day of serving.
Occasionally, signs of our positive impact come as formal acknowledgement. I’m always excited to announce this kind of recognition—it’s an official and unbiased indicator that we’re charting the right course as an organization for those we serve. With that in mind, I’m pleased to tell you about favorable ratings the Cooperative recently received from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®).

What is the American Customer Satisfaction Index?

ACSI is a respected, internationally recognized surveyor and producer of consumer feedback. It is the only nationwide measure of overall customer satisfaction across the entire U.S. economy. ACSI interviews around 500,000 American consumers annually, spanning more than 400 companies across 47 industries and 10 economic sectors.

GVEC Members and Subscribers Have Their Say

In summer 2021, ACSI conducted surveys with a randomized sample of GVEC Electric members and a separate sample of Internet subscribers including members and non-member customers. Results showed GVEC captured the highest customer ratings in 35 categories between Electric and Internet services combined when compared to other like companies also participating in the ACSI survey during the same time frame.

What the Ratings Tell Us

Respondents answered a series of questions related to five critical areas of customer relations and drivers of improvement: 1) Satisfaction; 2) Loyalty; 3) Expectations; 4) Quality; 5) Value. Among the 35 categories measured were overall customer satisfaction, trust, reliability, courteousness of staff, responsiveness with interruptions, Wi-Fi and video streaming quality and more. 2021 marked the second year in a row GVEC Internet earned top rated status from our customers in multiple areas.
Keep in mind that GVEC’s placement in the ratings is among that of all other ISPs and electric providers nationwide, large and small, who participate. These results indicate GVEC delivers industry-leading products and services and has focused so relentlessly on exceeding expectations over the years that our customers have come to expect high quality service. Speaking for everyone here at the Cooperative, we wouldn’t have it any other way. GVEC is proud we can claim #1 rated status for our services, but even more proud those ratings come directly from the people who are experiencing the value they can bring to your home, business and community.
We thank you for reminding us—in ways both large and small—that our commitment to serving and exceeding expectations does not go unnoticed. Thank
you for continually motivating us to keep our promise of delivering more.
I am always interested in your comments and feedback. Contact me by phone at 830.857.1152, by email at dschauer@gvec.org or by mail at P.O. Box 118, Gonzales, Texas 78629.

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