With more than 300 days of sun in our area of Texas, using solar technology to power homes makes financial sense.

We call it Solar Simplicity, which means we make it easy, from start to finish, to purchase a solar photovoltaic system (solar panels) to produce your own electricity. Our solar experts will help you with everything from selecting the best location for your system to installation and interconnection to the GVEC electric system. Members also have the option of selling back excess energy their solar system may produce.

Learn more about the GVEC Interconnection Agreement. This helps ensure the safety of members and GVEC linemen when a solar panel system is connected to the GVEC electric grid.

Solar Services

Exclusive On-Bill Financing

GVEC offers exclusive financing to its qualifying members. Our on-bill financing program allows members to combine their monthly payments with their electric bill!

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For information on GVEC’s solar panel systems or federal tax credits for residential solar, call us at 800.223.4832.
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