What is TextPower?

TextPower is a communications system that allows users to notify the Cooperative of outages via text message. The system lets you instantly report an outage. TextPower can keep you periodically updated as power is being restored, too, with a simple additional query—”STATUS” (more on that below). The system also automatically notifies you when power is flowing again. Even if you don’t report outages with TextPower, though, it can also deliver outage and restoration notifications without your input.

Want to Sign Up? We Need Your Number on File!

Does your GVEC member account have at least one mobile number attached? If so, you’re probably already signed up to report outages with TextPower. You needn’t do anything further unless you’d like to add additional cellphone numbers: You can register up to three on a single GVEC account.

Reporting Outages With TextPower

O-U-T—that’s all it takes to report outages with TextPower! Just text “OUT” to 800.223.4832.

TextPower’s Powerful Two-Way Communication

Suppose you experience an outage but don’t receive automatic notification from TextPower. (This can happen if GVEC isn’t yet aware of the outage.) Text “OUT” to the 800 number, as referenced above, to make your report. How can you know GVEC got your message? How can you find out how long it will be before power is restored?
Your “OUT” text is received by our Cooperative Control Center (CCC). In response, you’ll quickly get a confirmation message that the outage is being worked on. Text “STATUS” for an estimated restoration time. Do keep in mind that GVEC crews need up to 45 minutes to reach the site of an outage, assess the problem and start work. For this reason, you might not receive an instant response to TextPower queries—but rest assured, we’ll be working on the problem and will respond as quickly as possible.

To Report Outages With TextPower, We Need Your Number

TextPower is a powerful tool built with robust technology that’s become available in the last decade or so. However, that technology is only as good as the information we have on file for you. If you text OUT to 800.223.4832 without a cell number on file, you’ll receive the following response: “No keyword specified. For more information about this number, contact GVEC.” Without at least one up-to-date cell number on your GVEC account, you can’t use TextPower at all.

Keep Your Cooperative Account Up-To-Date

To find out more about TextPower, visit gvec.org. You can update your account information (including adding phone numbers) by logging into the SmartHub® customer portal from a computer. If you can’t find the information you need at gvec.org or have trouble updating your information through SmartHub, one of GVEC’s knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help. Just call us at 800.223.4832.

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