Spring is approaching! If you plan on freshening up your home with some spring cleaning, be sure to include the air inside the house. But how can you “clean” air? Here are some simple tips to add to your spring cleaning checklist:

Clean or replace your filters.

Cleaning or replacing your AC filters regularly not only helps keep the air you inside your home cleaner—it can improve your AC/heating system’s efficiency by up to 15%!

Dust your AC vents.

Dusting your AC vents will help to limit dust particles from getting blown around, floating in the air you breathe in. It allows the air to flow freely and not be blocked by grimy, dusty buildup, helping your heating/cooling system to work more efficiently.

Keep your floors clean.

Keeping clean floors can help prevent dust and allergens from entering your AC/heating system. Build up from these particles over time can dirty the air you breathe and reduce efficiency.

Consider Investing in Indoor Air Quality with MicroPure®.

The MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purifier is an in-duct system that connects directly to your HVAC system. Not only does it eliminate dust, but it also uses “ionic scrubbers” to remove viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, dander and pollutants from the air and even on surfaces inside your home!
MicroPure’s photocatalytic oxidation process (which creates ionic scrubbers) is completely safe and so effective that air doesn’t have to pass directly through your AC/heating system to be cleaned.
To find out more about MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purification, call us at 866.684.2359, or visit gvecACservice.org.

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