If you’ve seen or heard advertisements for solar panels, you’ve likely heard they can save you money. However, did you know there’s more than one way investing in solar panels and battery storage can help you save? Take a look at how solar solutions from GVEC can help you conserve and cash in on producing and storing your own energy.

Buy Less Energy At Less Costs

Installing a solar panel system give you the power to produce your own energy, and in our area of South Central Texas, there’s plenty of natural, renewable sunshine to harvest—more than 300 days’ worth! Generating your own energy to run your household means purchasing much less from your electricity provider. Additionally, pairing your solar panels with battery storage (like Tesla Powerwall) allows you to save excess energy produced during the day to use when the sun isn’t shining, saving you even more in electricity costs!
Add even more value from investing in solar with GVEC’s Time of Use billing rate which allows you to purchase electricity a discounted rates outside of peak-time hours.

Affordable Financing Options

Many who invest in solar panels and battery storage finance their systems rather than pay the entire cost up front. Typically this means you’ll pay interest on the balance of your purchase after making a down payment. However, GVEC members with approved credit can finance their solar panels and batter storage, paying no money down and zero interest! Plus, they can choose to conveniently combine their monthly payment with their GVEC electricity bills.

Federal Tax Credit

2022 is the perfect time for investing in solar panels and battery storage! Why? Because it’s the last year to take advantage of the 26% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)! The ITC will drop 22% in 2023 and is set drop even further, to 10%, by 2024.

Dependable Products Designed to Last

GVEC has a reputation for great customer service as well as standing behind the work we do and products we deliver. We offer a smooth start-to-finish buying process including free estimates for a custom-designed system to fit your solar expectations. All our solar panels come with a 25-year manufacturer product and power output warranty along with our 10-year installation warranty.

Ready, Set—Save with GVEC Solar!

Are you ready to save money by investing in solar panels and battery storage? To get started or for more information, visit gvecSOLARservice.com or call 866.684.2359 today!

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